You might wonder if there is a difference between a VA disability claims lawyer and a VA disability appeal lawyer. At first, it might not appear like there is much, if any, distinction at all between these two types of advocates. However, just like you cannot hammer a nail effectively if all you have is a screwdriver, using a representative who does not have the skills you need can lead to difficulties obtaining disability benefits. 

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What an Appeals Lawyer Can Do that Your Claims Lawyer May Not Be Able to Do 

It is imperative that when you are looking for a qualified VA disability lawyer in Ohio or elsewhere that you select one who can best assist you with the issue you are facing. If you have already filed a claim for benefits but that claim has been denied, an attorney who advertises themselves as a VA disability lawyer may not be well-suited to help you. An appeals lawyer with the following skills and knowledge is necessary: 

Knowledge about the Three Modern Appeals Options 

First, do not entrust your appeal to an attorney who does not know that there are three appeals options for veterans whose disability claims have been denied. Each option has advantages and drawbacks that your attorney should be aware of so they can properly advise you on what path forward makes the most sense for your situation. 

In addition to knowing what the appeals options are, your attorney should be familiar with the pathway of each and where they can lead if your initial appeal is denied. 

Awareness of the Legacy Appeals System 

If you have a claim you are pursuing that predates 2019, you will want to be sure whatever attorney you choose knows about the legacy appeals process. This process was used for all VA claims prior to February 19, 2019, and involves a dramatically different set of procedural rules. Going with an ill-prepared attorney can spell trouble for your appeal’s success if you choose to remain in the legacy system. 

Ability to Take Your Claim Beyond the VA 

If you exhaust all of your appeals options before the VA, the only way to continue is to take your matter before the Court of Appeals for Veterans and through the civilian, federal court system. Because these adjudicatory bodies are outside the VA, different rules about how your claim should be presented apply.  

You will want your attorney to know these and, ideally, have had experience taking claims this far. Otherwise, errors at this stage could mean losing your claim and starting the process all over form the beginning. 

Contact a Cincinnati Area Veteran’s Law Attorney Today 

If your claim has been denied once already, you need the services of a law firm that regularly and successfully appeals denials like yours. At Veterans Law Attorneys, our team has represented veterans in Cincinnati and throughout Ohio and elsewhere whose claims for benefits were denied. Let us use your knowledge of the VA appeals process to help you obtain benefits for your injuries. 

You can call Veterans Law Attorneys for help in Cincinnati or in Ohio by dialing 833-753-5168. 

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