Once your claim for VA disability benefits is granted, you will receive an award letter talking about the benefits you will be receiving. Part of this letter informs you of your disability rating, a number reflected as a percentage. The disability rating is the VA’s determination of how much your earning potential is impacted by your disability. 

For example, if you have a ten percent disability rating, this means that the VA finds your disability reduces your earning potential by ten percent. If you have a 90 percent disability rating, your earning potential is reduced by 90 percent. 

However, what these ratings actually mean and how they translate to your real-world experience can be a bit of a mystery. 

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VA Disability Ratings in Real Life 

Your earning potential impacts many facets of your life beyond just your job and your take-home wages. The lower your earning potential, the less likely it is you are able to support yourself independently. You may need assistance from friends and family, or from government programs like the VA, to help you make ends meet. 

Ten Percent Disability Rating Explained 

The lowest disability rating that the VA assigns to a successful claim is ten percent. If you receive this rating, it means that the VA acknowledges you were injured in connection with your military service and, as a result, your earning potential is impacted to a slight degree. You likely can continue to work at most jobs, but with some difficulty.  

For example, a claim based solely on tinnitus will likely result in a ten percent disability rating. You likely can perform many jobs but it may be challenging for you to hear clearly. There may be certain environments that aggravate your condition and make it difficult to work. 

One Hundred Percent Disability Rating Explained 

At the other end of the spectrum is a 100 percent disability rating. Obviously, this rating is the highest that one can receive. If the VA assigns you this rating, it means that they have determined your disability completely incapacitates you and you are not able to work at all. 

While a 100 percent disability rating results in the greatest benefit amounts, these amounts reflect the severity of your service-connected injury. Terminal medical conditions, paralysis, and severe traumatic brain injuries are common examples of injuries and conditions that can lead to a 100 percent disability rating. 

Speak to Your Cincinnati Area Veteran’s Law Attorney About Your Case 

If you are not satisfied with the VA disability rating assigned to your claim, you have the ability to appeal that finding. Before you do, it can be helpful to speak with Veterans Law Attorneys, your Cincinnati VA disability claim law firm, first. We will review your claim and case file and help you understand why you may have received the rating you did.  

Where there has been an error, or where more evidence can result in a more favorable outcome, we know what it takes to make things right. 

Contact us for help by dialing 833-753-5168 if you are in Ohio and have concerns about your VA disability benefits. 

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