As a veteran, you are able to receive medical care and treatment from VA medical facilities and hospitals. As dedicated as many of these professionals and staff are to their work, they are still human and, therefore, still capable of making errors. Unfortunately, when these errors and lapses of judgment happen, you are the one who is likely to suffer as a result. 

That you should be compensated when a medical provider makes a careless error or fails to act when it would be reasonable to do so lies at the heart of malpractice claims filed against the VA. As is true in the civilian world, the VA and its providers are responsible for mistakes and errors that could have been avoided and that lead you to suffer harm. 

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Top Malpractice Claims Against the VA 

While there are no VA-specific statistics that identify the malpractice claims most often filed against their facilities and providers, such statistics do exist for malpractice claims in general. According to available data, the most common causes of malpractice claims include: 

Failure to Diagnose 

Before an appropriate course of treatment can be planned and executed, your medical team must accurately diagnose the condition needing treatment. Accomplishing this requires that your doctor order the appropriate diagnostic tests, accurately interpret the results, and consult with others on your treatment team when they are unsure of their impressions. 

A failure to diagnose your condition correctly leads to you having to undergo unnecessary and unhelpful treatments. You are also deprived of the opportunity to have your condition treated quickly and experience the greatest recovery possible. 

Surgical Errors 

Whether your surgical procedure is an outpatient or an inpatient procedure, carelessness in the operating room can lead to complications that require additional treatment. Common surgical mistakes include operating on the wrong body part, removing the incorrect organ, and leaving foreign objects like gauze or medical tools inside the surgical site. 

Treatment Mistakes and Omissions 

The third most common type of malpractice claim in the United States involves administering treatments incorrectly. Most every treatment you receive from your VA medical provider follows a treatment protocol that specifies how often the treatment is to be given and the steps necessary to administer it properly. Harm can result to you when these steps are not followed. 

Trust Veterans Law Attorneys with Your VA Malpractice Claim 

If you are in Cincinnati or elsewhere in Ohio and believe you received negligent or deficient care from the VA, Veterans Law Attorneys is available to help. We want to assist you in getting compensation you deserve. Malpractice claims in general are challenging to support and prove, and claims against VA providers are no different. You need an experienced Ohio malpractice attorney familiar with these claims to guide your malpractice suit to a successful outcome.  

Contact Veterans Law Attorneys to begin the recovery process. Call our office at 833-753-5168, or you can request a consultation with us by contacting our office online. Your time to file a claim is limited, so do not wait to seek legal help. 

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