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Veteran disability benefits are a lifeline for many veterans, providing crucial financial assistance for service-connected injuries, illnesses, and medical conditions. But what happens if your disability gets worse over time? Or gets better? Many veterans who receive compensation via the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) want to know – how often are VA disability ratings reevaluated? It is important for veterans to understand the VA’s reevaluation process to ensure you continue receiving the full benefits you deserve. This quick overview highlights the frequency of VA disability evaluations, and highlights situations where seeking guidance from Veterans Law Attorneys in Cincinnati, OH may help.

What Is the VA Disability 5-Year Rule?

Do you receive VA disability compensation each month? We understand that the application and approval process can be a headache – and you may have questions about whether or not the VA can reduce your disability rating. The Department of Veterans Affairs does not see ALL service-connected disabilities as permanent and will reevaluate your disability rating 2 – 5 years after your initial rating – unless your disability is deemed permanent or protected. Based on the results of your reevaluation and your symptoms, your disability rating can be reduced or increased.

The VA Disability 5-Year Rule states that your medical condition and disability will be reevaluated within the 2 – 5 year window and may be reevaluated after that time frame if there is material evidence that your medical condition may improve. Examples of medical conditions that may not be considered permanent and may be subject to reevaluation include cancer that goes into remission and mental health disabilities.

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Why Does the VA Reevaluate Disability Ratings?

Many veterans with a service-connected injury, illness, or medical condition want to know why – why does the Department of Veterans Affairs reevaluate disability ratings? Not all veteran disabilities are created equal. The VA retains the right to reevaluate injuries, illnesses, and medical conditions that can be expected to improve over time and with treatment – select cancer diagnoses, mental health issues, and more. The Department of Veterans Affairs is responsible for the support of our veterans, but is also responsible for how veterans benefits money is spent.

How Does the VA Reevaluate Disability Ratings?

With a better understanding of the what and the why – it is important for veterans to understand the how. Your disability rating is subject to reevaluation within 2 – 5 years after your initial rating and the VA is required to provide you with 60 days notice ahead of any reevaluation appointment. We understand that the idea of losing your disability benefits can be stressful, but it is important to understand that a missed reevaluation appointment may result in total cancellation of your benefits. If your disability rating is reduced, you can appeal the decision with the help of Veterans Law Attorneys.

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It is important for veterans who rely on disability benefits to understand how often VA disability ratings are reevaluated. We hope this quick guide explains the typical reevaluation timelines and scenarios that might trigger a reevaluation for veterans. Remember – a reevaluation doesn’t guarantee a decrease in benefits, and veterans have the right to appeal any reduction in rating or benefits.

If you have concerns about a potential reevaluation, a recent reduction in benefits, or feel your current rating no longer reflects the severity of your disability – Veterans Law Attorneys in Cincinnati, OH can help. Contact Veterans Law Attorneys and our experienced legal team can advocate on your behalf and ensure you receive the VA disability compensation you deserve. You are not alone in this fight.

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