When you receive your notice from the VA regarding your claim for VA disability benefits, there are two critical pieces of information you will want to look at and read. The first is whether your claim has been approved or denied. If it has not been approved, then that means that evidence on one of the crucial components of a successful claim is lacking. The VA has most likely decided that either your injury is not disabling or is not connected to your military service. 

But do not stop reading your letter once you see your claim has been approved. You will also want to see what rating the VA assigned to you. This disability rating determines the size of your disability benefit payment each month, and the rating you receive reflects the VA’s opinion as to how severely your disability impacts your ability to work. 

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Amounts of Disability Benefits Based on Rating 

The amount you receive from the VA based on your disability rating varies on the number and type of your dependents once you have a rating of 30 percent or greater. The minimum and maximum benefits are: 

Disability Rating Minimum Benefit Maximum Benefit 
10 percent  $165.92 
20 percent  $327.99 
30 percent $508.05* $664.05** 
40 percent $568.05* $939.86** 
50 percent $616.05* $1,303.82** 
60 percent $664.05* $1,634.65** 
70 percent $1.663.06* $2,030.06** 
80 percent $1,933.15* $2,353.15** 
90 percent $2,172.39* $2,653.39** 
100 percent $3,621.95* $4,148.03** 

* Minimum amount represents amount for disabled veteran living alone with no dependents 

** Maximum amount represents amount for disabled veteran living with dependent spouse, two dependent parents, and no children 

Unfavorable Ratings Can Be Appealed 

Just like a finding that you are not entitled to VA disability benefits, the VA’s decision as to how disabled you are, as reflected in the rating it assigns to you, can be appealed. The process for doing so and the options available to you are both the same as if you were appealing a denial of your claim. 

You and your veterans law attorney should carefully review the decision letter to see what information informed the VA’s decision to know how best to proceed. For instance, if you believe the information you submitted to the VA was sufficient and complete and they simply weighed the evidence improperly, then requesting a Higher Level Review may be the way to go. Conversely, if there is additional evidence that you want the VA to consider, filing a Supplemental Claim or requesting the Board of Veterans Appeals to look at your case and new evidence may be the way to go. 

If you have exceeded the appeal deadline, then your only option may be to bring a new claim and include all relevant information in the new claim. 

Turn to Veterans Law Attorneys for Assistance with Your VA Claim Appeal 

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your VA disability claim, you have options. Bring your decision letter and come talk to us at Veterans Law Attorneys. We’ll look at your situation and advise you as to what options you have to obtain a more favorable result. Contact Veterans Law Attorneys online or by phone at (866) 894-9773. 

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