The federal government is a bureaucratic nightmare to navigate. Even submitting your income taxes each year can require you to fill out several forms, not all of which are easy to find or complete. As a veteran needing disability benefits, you (and perhaps your representative) already had to complete several forms and submit them as part of your initial application.

It should come as no surprise, then, that if you plan to appeal a denial of your claim for VA disability benefits, then you will need to complete additional forms. The forms you need to complete, though, will depend on what you and your counsel are trying to achieve.

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Common Forms You Need After a VA Disability Claim Denial

If you received notification that your VA disability claim is denied, you should speak with a Cincinnati VA disability appeal attorney right away. Depending on your particular situation, you may need some, all, or none of these forms. Your disability appeal lawyer can help you in selecting and completing the appropriate forms.

VA Form 20-0995 – Decision Review Request: Supplemental Claim

There may be additional evidence in your case that, if the VA had considered it, would have resulted in a favorable outcome. The Supplemental Claim form, VA Form 20-0995, allows you to submit “new” and “relevant” evidence to the VA in support of your claim. “New” evidence refers to information or records that had not been previously sent to the VA. “Relevant” evidence in this context refers to evidence showing your claim should be granted.

VA Form 20-0996 – Decision Review Request: Higher-Level Review

You have a right to appeal a VA disability claim denial even if there is no new and relevant evidence to consider. Within one year of the date you are notified your claim is denied, you may use VA Form 20-0996 to request that a more senior reviewer with the VA examine your claim. 

While you cannot submit new evidence and at the same time request a higher-level review, those involved in the higher-level review process have the authority to overturn your initial claim denial if they believe it was erroneous.

VA Form 10182 – Decision Review Request – Board Appeal (Notice of Disagreement)

Finally, you may use VA Form 10182 and request that a judge experienced in veterans law at the Board of Veterans’ Appeals review your case. Unlike the higher-level review request, you may be able to present additional evidence to the judge assigned to hear your case. You also have the right to request a hearing before the judge, which may be appropriate in some situations.

Call Veterans Law Attorneys for Assistance Today with Your Claim

Knowing when and how to use these and other forms to help you achieve a positive outcome takes legal knowledge and skill. Veterans Law Attorneys has been working for veterans in Cincinnati and throughout Ohio for years, helping them to appeal wrongfully denied VA disability claims. 

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