A physical injury you sustain while serving your country can differ in several ways from a mental health condition you develop during your time in service. Nonetheless, the two types of injuries share at least something in common: a compensation and pension (C&P) exam. When required, completing a C&P exam is an essential step to receiving a rating for your disabling condition. 

Despite resistance you may have to attend a C&P exam for your mental health condition, failing to complete this crucial step can be detrimental to your VA disability claim. Knowing what you can expect during this exam can take some of the mystery away from the process and make it seem like less of a burden to complete. 

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The C&P Exam in a Nutshell 

In simplest terms, the C&P exam’s purpose is to help the VA determine the effects of your condition on your ability to work and complete daily activities. This tells the VA how severe your injury or condition is, which in turn leads the VA to assign a disability rating to your condition. Thus, your C&P exam has a direct impact on the amount of benefits you will receive. 

During a C&P exam, a medical examiner with the VA will ask numerous questions about your diagnosis and your symptoms. This includes questions about any symptoms you are presently experiencing and how such symptoms might be affecting your day-to-day life. It is important that you answer these questions honestly, as they may be compared with other treatment records and notes from other providers. Obviously, false answers or exaggerations can have a negative impact on your claim. 

Some examiners do a thorough job of asking detailed questions and spending time getting to know you and your condition. Others simply rush through the process and may not provide you with any meaningful examination. This, too, can negatively affect the ultimate decision you receive from the VA on your claim. 

What Happens Following the C&P Exam? 

After your C&P exam is complete, the VA will continue processing your claim and, if approved, will assign your mental condition a disability rating. This rating will be based on your exam results and the other evidence available to the VA. You should review the award letter carefully, as it will tell you the disability rating assigned to you as well as the reasons for the VA’s decision. 

Get Help from a Cincinnati Veterans Law Attorney if You Are Not Satisfied with Your Claim’s Outcome 

It is important to your financial well-being that you obtain the benefits you and your condition deserve as quickly as possible. If you receive your award letter and are not satisfied with what it says about your case and disability, speak with Veterans Law Attorneys about your options. A rushed or inadequate C&P exam may need to be appealed and a new one conducted to ensure you are fairly compensated for your condition. 

Contact Veterans Law Attorneys to schedule your consultation by calling 833-753-5168 or contact us online to request a consultation with us to discuss your case. 

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