Earning a 100% VA disability rating signifies a veteran’s service-connected condition prevents them from holding gainful employment. While this acknowledges the severity of their situation, the true value lies in the benefits it unlocks, particularly in a state like Ohio with a strong commitment to veterans’ well-being. Let’s explore the tangible advantages a 100% VA disability rating offers in Ohio.

Financial Security

  • Increased VA Compensation: The most direct benefit is a significant increase in monthly disability payments from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). This financial boost provides a crucial safety net for veterans with limited earning capacity.
  • Tax-Free Benefits: Unlike most income, VA disability compensation is generally not taxed by the federal government or the state of Ohio. This translates to keeping more of the earned benefit.
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Ohio-Specific VA Benefits Advantages

  • Disabled Veteran Homestead Exemption: Ohio offers a substantial property tax exemption for the principal residence of a 100% disabled veteran. This exemption reduces the assessed value of the property, leading to lower annual property taxes.
  • Free Hunting and Fishing Licenses: Ohio resident veterans with a 100% service-connected disability and former prisoners of war (POWs) are eligible for free five-year hunting and fishing licenses. This benefit allows veterans to enjoy the outdoors at a reduced cost.
  • Free Watercraft Registration: Permanently and totally disabled Ohio veterans can receive free registration for their personal watercraft. This eliminates an annual expense associated with enjoying recreational activities on Ohio’s waterways.

Additional Support Programs

  • Ohio Department of Veterans Services (ODVS): This state agency provides a range of programs specifically designed to assist veterans. These include:
    • State Veterans Bonus Programs: Ohio offers bonus programs for veterans who served during specific wartime periods. These one-time payments provide financial assistance.
    • Employment Assistance: ODVS connects veterans with employment resources and job training programs, helping them re-enter the workforce.
    • Educational Assistance: ODVS offers resources and guidance on educational benefits available to veterans.

Considerations and Additional Points

  • Healthcare: A 100% disability rating typically qualifies veterans for priority care within the VA healthcare system. This ensures timely access to medical services at VA facilities throughout Ohio.
  • Dependent Benefits: In some cases, dependent family members of a 100% disabled veteran might also be eligible for certain benefits, such as healthcare and educational assistance.
  • Types of Disability: The specific benefits may vary depending on the type of disability and its impact on the veteran’s daily life.


A 100% VA disability rating is more than just a number in Ohio. It unlocks a comprehensive support system designed to improve the quality of life for veterans. From increased financial security to priority healthcare and access to valuable state programs, this rating offers a foundation for veterans to navigate challenges and live fulfilling lives. 

If you are a veteran living in Ohio who needs help with a VA benefits claim, has been denied, or needs assistance with a discharge upgrade, don’t hesitate to contact your Cincinnati VA benefits experts

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