It has been over 30 years since the first Gulf War, a conflict that saw approximately 700,000 U.S. troops deployed. While the operation was considered a success, some veterans brought home physical and mental injuries with them. If you are a veteran who has struggled with a condition inflicted on you by your time overseas during Operation Desert Shield or Operation Desert Storm, you could recover VA disability benefits despite the passage of time. 

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It Is Not Too Late for Gulf War Veterans to File a VA Disability Claim 

A VA disability claim can be filed at any time following your military service, so long as you meet basic eligibility requirements. Like any veteran who is struggling with a service-related condition, there is no time limit by which you must apply for benefits. Applying for VA disability benefits long after you have left the service can impact the start date for your payments, but it does not impact your eligibility for benefits in general. 

VA Disability Benefits for Gulf War Syndrome 

Service members who served in either Operation Desert Shield or Operation Desert Storm are at risk for developing a cluster of symptoms known collectively as Gulf War Syndrome. Some of the symptoms associated with this condition can include some or all of the following: 

  • Fibromyalgia 
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome  or general fatigue 
  • Irritable bowel syndrome 
  • Sleep disorders 
  • Other specific and nonspecific symptoms  

Although medical professionals are not entirely sure how Gulf War Syndrome develops, current research connects these symptoms to exposure to toxic chemicals while overseas.  

Gulf War Syndrome is not a specific diagnosis; instead, it is used to describe the situation encountered by a veteran of the Gulf War who is exhibiting two or more of the conditions connected to Gulf War Syndrome. For instance, a veteran suffering from fibromyalgia and sleep disorders who served in the Persian Gulf in the 1990s would likely be said to be suffering from Gulf War Syndrome. 

If the VA finds that you suffer from Gulf War Syndrome and you served during the period of the first Gulf War, you could be entitled to disability benefits. Gulf War Syndrome is considered a presumptive condition. As a result, if the VA believes you suffer from Gulf War Syndrome and you served in the Middle East in the early 1990s, you will be entitled to benefits. 

Ohio Gulf War Veterans Can Turn to Veterans Law Attorneys for Help 

If you served in the Gulf War or any other conflict and have applied for VA disability benefits but have been denied, Veterans Law Attorneys is your Ohio firm that can help. With a complicated condition like Gulf War Syndrome, you can benefit from having our experienced team help you gather evidence and ensure the VA has a full and accurate picture of your condition. 

Call or contact Veterans Law Attorneys today online or by telephone at (833) 753-5168. 

Contact Veterans Law Attorneys as soon as possible to secure our experienced assistance with your claim.  

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