Suppose your claim for VA disability benefits is denied. As your attorney would explain to you, you have three options for appealing the decision, including appealing to the Board of Veterans’ Appeals. If you choose this option, you have the ability to request a hearing with a veterans law judge either remotely or in person. Your VA disability appeal attorney can help you decide which option is the best for your situation and goals.

Whether your hearing takes place remotely or in the same room as the veterans law judge, you will have the opportunity to testify and provide information to the judge. A number of veterans seeking VA disability benefits appreciate the opportunity to “plead their case” to a live human being. Nonetheless, the process can be intimidating if you do not know what to expect.

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Testifying Before the Judge is Not as Scary as it Sounds

If you and your attorney have decided on this course of action, it is because your VA disability lawyer believes it to be the best option for securing you benefits. Rather than view the veterans law judge as an adversary who seeks to deny you benefits, approach your hearing with a view of the judge as an ally who is looking for a reason to approve your claim.

Each judge will conduct their hearings differently. However, a central feature of these hearings is your opportunity to address the judge and answer questions they may have. Most judges will want to ask you to:

Discuss Your Disability and Military Service in Detail

First, expect that the judge will want to know about your military service and your disability. Know the dates of your service, any significant assignments or deployments, and when you were discharged. Be sure to mention, too, the nature of your discharge. 

The judge will also want to know about your disability or disabling conditions. You may want to discuss what led to your diagnosis and the treatment you have received for your conditions since being diagnosed.

Be prepared, too, to describe in detail any event or experience during your military service that led to your disability and why you believe there is a connection between the two.

Discuss How Your Disability Has Impacted You

Each veteran’s disability affects them in different ways, and the judge will want to know how your disability affects you. If you are not able to work or have difficulty completing certain tasks throughout the day, discuss these with the judge. This information is crucial to the judge understanding just how your disability impacts your daily life and, therefore, what benefits you should receive.

Work with an Experienced Veterans Law Attorney

Getting the maximum benefit out of this hearing takes more than a willingness to talk. You need to be prepared to relay the information most pertinent to your appeal to the judge in an effective and understandable manner. By working with experienced lawyers like those with Veterans Law Attorneys, you can be prepared to accomplish this important task. Contact Veterans Law Attorneys today at (866) 894-9773 for help with all aspects of your VA disability appeal.

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